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Finding the best virtual receptionist service

best virtual receptionist service

Regardless of the industry, business owners are often guilty of the same thing: trying to do too much. 

They typically have to wear many hats and fulfil various positions within a company, including marketing roles, accounting, and administration.

The issue with doing everything is that entrepreneurs rarely have time for themselves and can become burnt out and overwhelmed. It is also possible that the core work of the business and the quality of the end product or service does not reach it’s full potential.

While it can help save time and sometimes money to undertake various roles within your business, outsourcing can also be a solution.

Work smarter, not harder

Finding the best virtual receptionist service is one thing, but deciding to hire a virtual receptionist in the first place is not always easy. Letting go of control of an element of your business can be daunting.

However, with a free trial available, you can experience the benefits free of charge.

One thing to be aware of when it comes to the benefits of a virtual receptionist service is the impact interruptions can have on your productivity.

Research from the University of California, Irvine, showed that a single interruption takes an average of 23 minutes to recover and refocus from. Additional research has proven that interruptions and distractions increase error rates and levels of anxiety.

With the number of spam sales calls jumping by 300% worldwide between 2017 and 2018, unwanted phone calls can be a bottleneck when it comes to productivity. With the Moneypenny app, you can direct all calls to your virtual receptionist when you want to focus entirely on the work at hand.

Virtual receptionist app & portal

With Moneypenny’s virtual receptionist service, you get full use of the Moneypenny app which allows you to quickly update where it is you want your calls to go. For example, you can select all business calls to go to your mobile, then after a couple of rings to your landline, and then to a receptionist. There are many ways to route your calls; you can even send all callers directly to a Moneypenny Receptionist if you don’t want to be disturbed.

You can also use the app to control where calls for other members of the business or departments are routed to. 

Essentially, the Moneypenny app lets you change your mobile into a complete business phone system. You can even make calls from your mobile number, but appear that you are calling from a local landline. We’ve thousands of local or freephone numbers to choose from, or simply continue to use your existing business telephone number.

You can also designate specific contacts as VIPs – so that you know when an important client or colleague is calling. 

UK-based receptionists

If your business is based in the UK, then ideally, your virtual receptionist service should employ UK-based receptionists.

With a UK-based virtual receptionist, your callers get the same experience as they would when they speak with an in-house member of that company. The big difference is that a virtual receptionist costs a fraction of an in-house hire.

Moneypenny recruits, trains and employs only the very best people with relevant skills and experience, so there’s no need to worry about the costs or resource associated with this, nor do you need to consider additional room, equipment for the office, employment laws or legal paperwork.

With Moneypenny, your receptionist is hand-picked to match your business, depending on their skills and industry experience. You can enjoy all of the benefits of an in-house receptionist with our dedicated service, as they answer calls in your business name and handle them exactly as per your instruction.

24/7 receptionist service

Your dedicated receptionist is on hand from 8:30am to 6pm on weekdays. However, if you’d like around-the-clock cover, you can with our 24/7 service.

Providing your customers with a 24/7 telephone number to call can give you a significant competitive advantage. With more people working shifts and busy parents often finding it easier to call people late in the evenings, a 24-hour contact number can make a huge difference to the number of sales enquiries your company receives. What’s more, with a friendly and professional voice at the end of the phone rather than a voicemail recording, callers feel valued and appreciated. 

Excellent reviews & testimonials

Moneypenny’s virtual receptionist service has hundreds of excellent reviews on TrustPilot and Google. We also have dozens of testimonials that are available to read on our answering service webpage

Free trial & no long contracts

With a week’s free trial that requires no payment details and comes with no obligation to continue, you can enjoy and experience all of the benefits of a world-class virtual receptionist service without any risk. And if you want to sign up, you won’t be tied into any lengthy contracts. For all of smaller schemes, the minimum contract length is three months, and we require one month’s notice to cancel your account – following your next invoice date.

To find out more, click here or call 0333 202 1005 and let’s get your free trial started.


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