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Business call forwarding & telephone answering – A perfect combination

There can be many reasons that you want to forward your business calls. It’s all too easy to miss important calls, especially when you’re hard at work and your mobile phone doubles up as your main business line.

Should you be unavailable, it can be reassuring to know that any calls to your office phone can be redirected to another line when necessary. With Moneypenny’s Telephone Answering app, this is simple to do.

You can set up a specific ‘ring order’ so your business calls are automatically routed to specific phone numbers in a particular order.

For example, you could use the Moneypenny app to forward all calls to your business number to go to your mobile phone, then your office number. If nobody answers within a certain number of seconds, the call could finally be forwarded to your Moneypenny Receptionist.

What is a business call forwarding service?

A business call forwarding service is any service that enables you to send or transfer calls from one telephone line to another. If you own or lease an office space, the phone hardware you install may have call forwarding functionality.

Cloud-based VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems are commonly installed and equipped with software that will enable call forwarding. VOIP call forwarding is a good option for small businesses, as it provides more flexibility and typically less expense than a traditional office phone system. 

A final method of enabling call forwarding to and from business telephone numbers is to use a telephone answering service. With a high-quality telephone answering service such as Moneypenny’s, you can enjoy the use of a telephone answering app that allows you to forward calls. In addition to being able to forward calls, you’ll never have to worry about missing a business call again.

With a highly trained and specialised receptionist available to wow your callers and represent your business just like an in-house full-time receptionist, you can focus on the work at hand without having to think about your calls.

A standard business call forwarding service can ensure calls are routed correctly to a second line or device. With a telephone answering service, you can benefit from a professional and friendly voice, ready to greet your callers should you be unable to answer.

Our research indicates that around one in three business calls are missed. This high percentage can often equate to missed sales opportunities. In turn, missed sales opportunities can make or break some businesses, regardless of their size. A caller will rarely leave a voice message, and will likely contact a direct competitor instead. 

What is a telephone answering service?

A telephone answering service involves outsourcing receptionist duties to a virtual receptionist or team of receptionists. With no physical presence within your office building or business HQ, even if you run a remote business, you can provide an outstanding level of customer service.

With Moneypenny’s Telephone Answering service, our polite, award-winning receptionists will make your callers feel valued and important. Your Moneypenny Receptionist will provide callers with a great first impression of your business and your brand. This service works perfectly in combination with a business call forwarding service – which can also be accomplished with the Moneypenny app.

What are the benefits of a telephone answering service?

In combination with a call forwarding system or service, a telephone answering service can ensure you never miss a business call. Having a professional voice answer every call means your callers will feel appreciated. You will never miss a sales lead via the phone, and will have to deal with fewer interruptions and distractions whilst working, allowing more focus on the core work of your business.

University research has shown that a single interruption can take nearly 30 minutes to recover from in terms of focus and work rate. Not only that, but interruptions increase error rate and anxiety levels. With the number of spam phone calls steadily growing year on year, a telephone answering service is a simple and effective way to increase your productivity and reduce stress levels.

With a telephone answering service, you can enjoy the benefits of an in-house receptionist, but at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to recruit and train your receptionist, and there is no requirement for additional office space or equipment. With Moneypenny, your dedicated receptionist is hand-picked based on their experience and expertise in relation to your business. You don’t have to worry about lengthy paperwork and employment laws either, and there is no need to cover holiday time. 

A telephone answering service is perfect for anyone that is extremely busy, spends a lot of time on the road or works from home. Rather than wearing all the ‘hats’ of your business, outsourcing can be a highly cost-effective way of freeing up more of your own time to focus on what you do and what you enjoy best.

Why use Moneypenny for call forwarding & telephone answering?

Moneypenny offers a comprehensive solution for business owners looking to provide an outstanding level of customer service, make an excellent first impression and deal with high call volumes.

With our 24/7 Telephone Answering service, you can enjoy around the clock cover and provide an outstanding level of customer service – giving you a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In addition, opting for a 24/7 service means that as a business owner, you can literally switch off, relax and immerse yourself in whatever it is you are doing without having to listen out for your mobile phone constantly.

Moneypenny has over 20 years of experience in call handling, telephone answering and business call forwarding services. Our award-winning staff, superpowered by gold standard technology, ensure your business is in safe hands.

We’ve “excellent” reviews on both Trustpilot and Google, and you can even experience Moneypenny first-hand with our 7-day free trial. There’s no payment details required and no obligation to continue or sign a contract with us. 

Please visit our telephone answering service page to learn more and get your quote!

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