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Law Firms: calls and the client journey

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Your client journey can mean the difference between a loyal, lifelong client and a tarnished reputation. So it’s crucial to get it right.

From intake, to invoice, and hopefully that all-important referral; your client journey says a lot about your firm. But what exactly does this mean and how can you be sure yours is working as well as it should be?

What is the client journey?

The client journey is the path a potential customer takes from the very moment they learn about your firm, right through to becoming your client. It’s made up of various touchpoints such as visiting your website, phoning your reception, attending an appointment, right up to receiving an invoice – and even beyond this.

Every moment of interaction with your firm has an impact on your client’s perception of you and their overall journey with you – and ultimately, whether or not they choose to do business with you once, more than once, or never again.

Mapping out your client process 

To truly perfect your client journey, and improve your customer experience; your first port of call should be to map out your client’s journey. This is an integral process for any client-centric organisation.

Detail each step of their journey with your firm and consider all possible avenues they take – from that initial enquiry to the moment you and your client part ways. Once you have this visualised, ask yourself;

  • Are there any holes in the process? Is there anything that’s missing?
  • What works well? Have you had any negative feedback that could be worked on and improved?
  • Are there any pain points for clients? Can these be removed or simplified to help speed up the process?

Once you have determined how your existing process looks, you can then map out what the ideal journey looks like and how you can work to achieve this. Remember a streamlined process will not only make things easier for the client, but for your own team.

First impressions really do count

For most clients, the first step of their journey with your firm starts with a phone call.  This is where they will make that initial judgment and decide whether or not they’d like to continue their journey and move business along with you.

Missing just one call can cost you business.  Likewise, being slow to follow up callers or to pass on a message can put your clients off and cause them to stray, turning to your competitors for a better experience.

Capturing all calls and being accessible at all times of day will make a huge difference to your overall image and the conversions and leads you’re able to drive.

Using a telephone answering service to create a seamless experience

A telephone answering service can instantly transform your client journey, offering a whole host of proven benefits. From creating a memorable first impression, to increasing those conversions.

With hectic schedules, endless appointments and piles of paperwork, calls from clients can be a major distraction for legal professionals.  Having the support of a telephone answering service in place means your clients will always be able to reach your firm and speak to a dedicated receptionist, who understands your firm’s needs and the way you like to communicate – while sounding as though they are based within your office.

In order to maintain a culture of continuous improvement within your firm, it’s essential to regularly review your client journey and look for new ways to enhance it. Could missed calls be the flaw in your client journey?

Introducing Moneypenny

At Moneypenny, we answer two million calls and live chats each year on behalf of over 1000 law firms – on either an overflow or fully outsourced basis. We combine market-leading technology with dedicated professionals that work as part of your team. Moneypenny ensures no call goes unanswered and that each caller receives exceptional service – every time.

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