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Recover your customer enquiries with Live Chat

The sudden switch to remote working has presented many unique challenges and hurdles for businesses everywhere. 

But with this also comes the opportunity to experiment with new ways of improving the customer experience, at a time where customer focus is more critical than ever before.

With distributed teams and lack of resource or appropriate technology and equipment, many businesses are turning to Live Chat as an alternative channel for effectively capturing and triaging customer enquiries and boosting online leads.

Below, we explore just some of the ways clients are benefiting from using Live Chat right now, as a powerful solution to business continuity.

1. Maintain brand presence

Without a physical presence, companies need to make their online presence count for more. Quality customer service and support are paramount, and being able to provide this online makes your business much more competitive.

With distributed teams, answering phones, and the tech involved with this, can be problematic which is why Live Chat can work as a great alternative, with its simple software that allows your whole team to flexibly manage enquiries from anywhere where there’s an internet connection.

2. Invite more online conversions

In the current climate, many businesses are experiencing a much higher volume of web traffic than usual. Live Chat enables businesses to start proactive conversations with personalised auto-prompts such as “We’re still open! Can I help you with a free quote?”, which encourages more interaction on your site and nudges web visitors into enquiring or sharing their questions.

Our recent report revealed that having Live Chat on your website increases conversions by a huge 49%, whilst improving online purchases by up to 35% – demonstrating what a hugely valuable asset this simple tool has become for business.

3. Streamline your customer experience

With teams now working remotely, organisation and efficiency become an even bigger priority.

Live Chat helps remove any barriers in the way for buyers, with the option to set up pre-chat surveys that efficiently triage customers and securely store important details for employees to refer to, helping turn online visitors into customers down the line.

Our research shows that 57% of customers will abandon a purchase if they can’t get their questions answered easily, which illustrates just how vital it is to offer a real-time communication channel to online visitors seeking assistance.

4. A human response 

At a time where customers need reassurance more than ever before, it’s important to remember that people buy from people. Humanising your live chat service is a crucial step to avoid the impression of appearing like a chatbot. You can easily do this by adding photos of your live chat agents and using their names so customers can connect with the person behind the screen.

When you’re unavailable, you can simply switch off the live chat functionality or choose to have chats overflow to a professional Moneypenny PA, who can respond exactly as if based within your business, so your customers never know a difference.

5. Quick & easy set-up

As well as being a quick and easy experience for customers, Live Chat is also a breeze to set up. The simple software can be added to your site and up and running within minutes.

What’s more, chats are logged and can be viewed, along with key insights, and managed at any time through the online portal on your desktop or from the app on your smartphone.

Get started with a free trial today 

We’re determined to support businesses of all sizes, ensuring they can continue to run their business in as usual a way as possible and continue to thrive during this challenging time.

You can trial our Live Chat Service completely free for one week with no ongoing commitment. Use your free trial to see how many new enquiries you’ll gain. Call us on 0333 202 1005 today to get started. 

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