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Managed live chat for WordPress

Managed live chat for WordPress


Human-powered live chat is incredibly popular, as it can provide tailored and in-depth responses to queries almost instantly. Compared to email and phone, managed live chat can provide the same level of customer support, in a much more convenient manner. For this reason, many global companies, such as WP Engine (a major web hosting company) now start all support queries with live chat.

Live chat is an excellent addition to any business website – it can help your company build rapport with customers and make them feel important and valued. Live chat is also a great way to make your website more engaging and interactive. What’s more, with Hubspot reporting that 90% of customers want an immediate response to any customer service questions – can you afford not to have live chat?

In some instances, clients have reported an increase of 49% in website conversions. Across all industries and providers, managed or human-powered live chat tends to have the highest satisfaction scores of any customer service channel.

Live chat can also be an excellent tool for sensitive matters. For example, on a law firm’s website, an individual may feel too intimidated or perhaps emotional to speak to a solicitor regarding specific legal issues, such as those related to divorce. Live chat can provide a secure and confidential means of communication for people who, for whatever reason, do not feel confident or comfortable speaking to someone in person or on the phone. Live chat is also very discreet. You can discuss almost anything over live chat whilst sat next to someone in the office or at home.

Customer service is touted as the biggest differentiator for small businesses. A personalised service is one way to provide value beyond what many big corporate giants are capable of delivering. Live chat is there around the clock, allowing customers to contact businesses exactly when they want. At Moneypenny, more than 15% of our live chat conversations occur at weekends, and 37% of chats happen outside of business hours. The number of live chat conversations that occur out of hours tends to be much higher than phone calls. Our data suggest that around 10% of phone calls happen outside of regular working hours.

Live chat for WordPress

The number of WordPress websites that exist online in 2021 is quite staggering. estimates that in 2021 WordPress has a market share of approximately 40%. Of all the websites in existence today – 40% of them are powered by WordPress!

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) and is not just for blogging anymore. It dominates other markets, too, such as eCommerce.

WordPress and CMSs, in general, have opened up the web to many more creators, developers and entrepreneurs.

It’s easier than ever to build an eCommerce store, add click to call buttons to a website, change a banner or an image. Although it helps to know the basics of HTML and perhaps CSS, WordPress websites are relatively easy to build and tailor.

It’s also straightforward to add live chat to a WordPress website. However, bear in mind that not all live chat services for WordPress are the same.

Before you install any live chat software, ensure that the plugin or provider that you are using is:

– GDPR compliant (or equivalent in your country)

– Mobile responsive

– Has a customisable design

– Has detailed reporting

– Combines the power of A.I. with human live chat agents

With Moneypenny’s Live Chat for WordPress, you can take advantage of our industry-leading technology and award-winning UK-based live chat agents. Providing a live chat service around the clock, Moneypenny can make your website stand out from the competition.

Why does your business have a website?

When business owners get asked why they have a website, the question seems to catch many off guard. Some entrepreneurs and marketing professionals state that it’s for branding purposes, some may say it’s what their competitors do, whilst others say they can showcase their products and services.

Websites should be part of a marketing strategy and should drive and generate new customers and clients. Businesses spend large amounts of money on developing websites, hours putting together blog posts, but many don’t consider how they can best convert visitors into customers.

A website without a live chat service is often described as a shop without an assistant. A large eCommerce store, without live chat, can feel somewhat sterile and customers rarely feel valued or build a rapport with the brand in question. With live chat, people can feel valued, and they can find what they want more quickly.

With the rise of online shopping and online enquiries for service-based businesses rising during the COVID-19 pandemic, live chat growth has rocketed. Filling the gap between the ease of emails and the personal touch that comes with phone calls, live chat has kept people connected during the pandemic.

With people more accustomed than ever before to using live chat and communicating in writing, now is a great time to try live chat for your business website.

Managed live chat vs. chatbots for WordPress

The difference between Moneypenny’s Live Chat plugin and other live chat plugins for WordPress; is that live UK-based agents manage our live chat service.

Our human-powered live chat allows customers to speak to a real person without in-house staff having to be on standby during working hours. What’s more, with Moneypenny’s Live Chat, coverage is 24/7, meaning that no matter what time a customer comes to your site, they can enjoy a superior level of user experience.

According to some reports, with the number of people working night shifts increasing year on year, providing live chat 24/7 with a real person can set you apart from the competition and enable your business to reach more customers in real-time.

Chatbots are built to simulate a conversation. They tend to use decision tree programming or artificial intelligence to interact with customers. On the other hand, managed live chat can provide meaningful interactions and discussions with customers and answer Ad hoc queries and enquiries. Managed live chat can work exceptionally well if your services or products are highly tailored or relatively expensive.

Chatbots are great for answering simple enquiries and can help with products that are more likely to be bought on impulse. Chatbots can also be quicker than the agents who manage live chat. However, agents can use “canned messages” – pre-written answers to common questions – to respond just as quickly.

Managed live chat is often described as a customer relationship tool, rather than chatbots which are more like customer support tools. With the Moneypenny’s Live Chat service for WordPress, you get the option of programmable chatbots that can be used to auto-respond to basic queries, qualify leads and help with FAQs – with a live chat agent on standby to take over the chat if required.

With Moneypenny, you also get a live chat agent or team of live chat agents, who know your business down to the finest detail. This inside knowledge and their UK location allow them to build rapport with customers and provide a superior customer experience.

Adding live chat to your WordPress website

The easiest way to add the Moneypenny’s Live Chat plugin to your WordPress website is to go into the WordPress admin area, click into “Themes” and then “Editor”, and edit the “footer.php” file.

You paste the code before the closing </body> tag. If there is any issue regarding the setup, one of our technical experts will set it all up for you.

There is more information about setting up Moneypenny’s Live Chat for WordPress in the video below:

How to customise your live chat window

Building a brand is one of the main goals of all marketing teams. Being able to customise your live chat window can make your brand come to life. 

Your Moneypenny live chat window can be edited and customised with the online portal. Using the Design Studio, you can run through a series of design elements to make your live chat window blend in as part of the website or stand out as an interactive element of your WordPress design. You can choose different buttons, colours, text, fonts and headers.

As well as being able to customise your design, you can also configure the settings for proactive chats. If you want to give your customers a nudge after, say, 1 minute of being on a particular page, you can do it using the proactive chat settings. You can also change the greeting, so you can prompt a conversation with whatever question or statement you like.

It can improve engagement if you customise your live chat greeting to make it relevant to your industry. For example, if you run an estate agent or property company, the greeting could say something along the lines of “Can I help you with a free valuation?” rather than a more general greeting such as “How can I help?”.

Live chat reporting

Thanks to the online portal and its real-time reporting, you can test different live chat greetings and designs and use data-driven decisions when it comes to deciding what to move forward with.

Alongside the analytics and reporting software, you are encouraged to keep in regular contact with your Account Manager and live chat PA, or team of PAs. This way, as well as quantitative data, you can gain insight into your live chat software’s performance, in a more qualitative yet just as insightful manner, by talking to members of your team.

Why use Moneypenny’s Live Chat service for WordPress?

With an overflow service, a hybrid chatbot/human-powered live chat system and 24/7 cover, Moneypenny’s Live Chat is leading the industry. Moneypenny has over 20 years of business communications experience and comes with great reviews on both TrustPilot and Google. With no hidden fees or setup charges, a free trial and no long contracts – you have nothing to lose!


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