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The 5 best places to include your new business number – your checklist

Congratulations! You have your professional business number, but now you need to get it out there.

Want to drive more calls and some hot new enquiries to your new business number? Run through our quick checklist to make sure you’re not missing any key areas for positioning your business number and getting your new line of contact noticed.

Business Cards 

In a digitally-obsessed world, your business card offers a personal touch to meeting new people and building key connections. Having one to hand shows you’re prepared, organised and open to discussion – but it’s essential that the contact info displayed on your card is all up-to-date and reflects your professional business image. Having an email address is great, but make sure there is also a number to call should your new connection wish to pick up the phone and carry on your conversation in person.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to boost conversions from your website is to focus on driving calls. It’s thought at least 65% of web visitors would prefer to contact a business over the phone (Invoca), so it’s important to optimise your site to drive calls. Here are some key areas for where to include your number on your site:

  • Your homepage – your homepage is your shop front. People will ‘window shop’ before they buy, so make sure your business number is instantly visible as soon as visitors land on your site, and not hiding away in your footer or buried in small print.
  • Landing pages – the chances are, your website is made up of a ton of landing pages. Make sure your main landing pages prompt action, such as product or service-focused pages, include a prominently displayed business number, so users instantly know what to do if they’re interested.
  • Click-to-call buttons – writing down or memorising phone numbers is so old hat! Today, mobile site visitors want to be able to call you at the click of a button. With some simple code, you can easily create your very own click-to-call buttons – transferring mobile customers from landing page to a call in one click.
  • Encourage calls – it may sound simple, but make sure to talk about the option to call your business within all of your web copy. Sign off a blog post, a booking page or ‘About’ section with instructions on how to call and also why to call. What’s the benefit of the customer getting in touch with you?

Email Signature 

No matter what your business, it’s almost certain that you’re sending emails to your customers, or potential customers, on a daily basis. When you’re sending out so many emails, it can become easy to not give your email signature a second thought. But a signature is the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send.

Your email signature helps to establish and reinforce not only your company’s brand identity but also your own, and the role you play within the company. The recipient to your email will often look to your signature to learn more about you and pinpoint your contact details, so it’s vital to include a well-designed and up-to-date signature with every external email you send.

Be sure to place your business number in here, as well as any other useful links such as your website or Facebook page, to make it as easy and inviting as possible for your contact to get in touch.

Social Media

Today, most consumers will turn to your social media pages to get an idea of your brand and what you’re about before they decide to get in touch with you. In fact, many will find you on Facebook before they find your website’s homepage.

Having access to your phone number on all channels helps humanise your brand and strengthens your credibility as an approachable and customer-centric organisation. Make sure your business number is noted in all contact information areas, be it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

For mobile users, your phone number will instantly appear as a click-to-call link, making it quick and easy to drop you a call.

Brochures & marketing materials

Print media is easily forgotten about when it comes to a new business number.

While it’s handy to have a website address or social media icons, these channels add another dimension to simply getting in touch and talking directly to you.

Be sure to include your business number on all marketing materials to invite people to pick up the phone. This is an easy way of offering that human touch to your brand and shows a willingness to talk and support your customers in person.

Failing to include your number or forgetting to update your business number can prevent those all-important enquiries coming through!

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