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Top 4 reasons business are turning to Moneypenny for support amidst Covid-19

In these uncertain times, thousands of businesses are finding themselves in unknown territory; facing new challenges and doing their utmost to keep up, as the situation continues to evolve.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. We’ve been hearing from lots of businesses about the effects they’re feeling right now, whether it be to their workforce, customers or bottom line. To offer greater insight, we’ve highlighted 4 of the biggest obstacles businesses like yours are currently tackling and the solutions we’ll provide to help:

Dealing with overdrive

We’ve seen high demand for our business continuity solutions over recent weeks, where businesses including the likes of cleaning services, food manufacturers and pharmacies have told us they’re experiencing a major spike in call volumes. Although thankful that business is still booming, many are struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand they face.

Offering a helping hand to manage calls, Moneypenny’s solutions save you from ever having to turn down new business. Through the support of real people or intelligent speech recognition technology, we’ll answer any overflow calls you might miss and triage these effectively by determining the product or service the caller is looking for, or the person they wish to speak to. Depending on the solution that’s right for you, calls are then forwarded or a message is immediately sent through to the correct person or department – ensuring every lead is captured and relieving the pressure for you and your team.

Shuffling resource

With enquiries coming in, more customers to respond to and a team to manage whilst working remotely, lots of businesses are having to adjust the way they currently operate. In order to deal with this busy spell efficiently, a number of business owners and Operations Managers are having to repurpose their admin staff to other areas of the business – wherever their support is needed most.

Whilst this action is proving to be essential, it’s important to make sure that their usual responsibilities are not ignored. By relying on Moneypenny’s flexible answering support, whether it be for your calls or live chat, there’s always someone available to speak with your customers whenever your receptionists or admin team are tied up with other tasks. They’ll be able to focus on their new duties, safe in the knowledge that high service levels are maintained.

Reducing costs

It seems as though the term furlough has become a business buzzword in recent weeks. Whether your staff wish or need to be furloughed, rethinking budgets or trimming costs in whatever ways possible has become unavoidable for the many. In fact, the British Chamber of Commerce have stated that almost half of UK companies are planning on furloughing members of staff as a result of the pandemic.

But of course, cutting down your workforce brings the additional issue of an increased workload for your remaining employees, so it’s crucial to maintain balance. With Moneypenny in the background, we’re able to handle any calls or chats your furloughed team members would have done, providing immediate relief whenever it’s required. What’s more, you’ll only ever pay for the times our support is needed, meaning there’s no unnecessary overheads to calculate into your spending.

Working remotely

With significant restrictions being placed on public movement, homeworking has become a necessity and no longer just a nice-to-have. However for many businesses, transitioning to homeworking is an impossibility due to clunky tech that simply doesn’t lend itself to remote working. Others are faced with a receptionist who’s feeling the strain from having all company calls diverted to their mobile, or perhaps one who’s battling childcare issues whilst trying to fulfil their role.

Whether you find yourself in these situations, or without a receptionist at all, Moneypenny is the solution to your logistical headaches. You’ll be able to centralise your communications with our team as the first port of call, answering calls and live chat in exactly the way your own employees would. Calls and messages can be forwarded and sent to you and your colleagues at home or wherever you happen to be working, allowing your business to continue operating seamlessly.

How Moneypenny can help

We’re determined to support businesses of all sizes, ensuring they stay open for business and continue to thrive at this time. We’ve a range of powerful solutions offering real people, free technology and online platforms to facilitate remote working and continuous communication for your customers and staff. What’s more, none of our services tie you into long-term contracts – this is about helping you in the here and now.

Chat to our business continuity experts today to discuss your options. Call us on 0333 202 1005 to find out more.

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