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Using outsourced communications to support your ESG goals

In recent years, ESG strategies have risen to the top of organisations’ agendas and the sustainability conversation has never been more prevalent. In light of this, legal firms need to re-evaluate who their partners and suppliers are to make sure they all share the company’s sustainability beliefs.

In this blog Bernadette Bennett, our Head of Legal Sector, shares the four ways in which outsourcing your calls and live chat can support legal firms in their ESG targets:

  1. Streamline square footage and headcount – By using Moneypenny to streamline their external communications, legal firms will need less people to handle calls and chats and therefore need less office space. By saving money on real estate outputs, employee travel and call handling time, firms can reinvest the money saved in wider sustainability projects.
  2. Scalability – Through the use of specialised technology systems and expert call handlers, Moneypenny helps firms grow their communications without them needing to expand their offices or on-site facilities. Moneypenny Receptionists can take more calls than in-house teams, leaving your legal team to help their clients in a more agile and flexible way and negate the need for more in-house hires to handle call volumes.
  3. Enabling hybrid – Legal firms can embrace hybrid working with ease by using Moneypenny to direct calls and enquiries to the right people, wherever they’re working. This in turn means employees can make greener choices by not always commuting to the office, and the firm’s carbon footprint will be lowered by this and the reduced need to heat and power the office space.
  4. Sharing credentials – New research suggests that 4 out of 5 people are more likely to pick businesses who have a clear plan in regards to environmental sustainability. Those in customer care need to be well versed in all of the firm’s ESG activities. Our legal receptionists here at Moneypenny understand the sector and know how to represent a firm’s brand, as well as communicate companies’ sustainability habits and answer any questions potential clients might have.

Bernadette continues “We often promote how outsourcing calls and live chat can deliver cost savings and help with business agility, but it’s important to highlight sustainability benefits as well. We know that improving our company’s sustainability is a goal, a process, but also a mindset – something many of our legal clients know as well. It is imperative that law firms pick partners that share their sustainability beliefs, especially when it comes to communicating with customers.”

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