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What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist operates much like a traditional in-house receptionist, but they work for an outsourced service provider and answer calls to your business remotely while giving the impression they are employed by you.

The duties of a virtual receptionist can range from taking messages and directing callers to the right people, to intercepting unwanted sales calls, providing important information to customers and even managing inbound sales enquiries.

The difference between a virtual receptionist and a call centre agent is simple: a virtual receptionist functions as part of your team and, to outsiders, appears to be based in your office. A call centre can’t offer the same personalised service and will transfer their client’s calls to whichever agent is available at the time. Unlike the rotation of agents in a call centre, a virtual receptionist will get to know you and your business, providing the continuity of service that gives regular callers the chance to build strong relationships with your brand.

If your virtual receptionist is busy helping another one of your callers or enjoying a well-deserved break, your service provider should ensure overflow calls are managed by a small team of supporting receptionists (who also know your business), so your customers always hear a voice they know. This personalised service makes a huge difference to the way your brand is perceived and saves the time and money it would take for you to manage your own in-house receptionist.

So, what are the benefits of using a virtual receptionist?

Every business, from sole traders and SMEs to multinational corporations, should care about providing excellent customer service. Happy customers might tell their friends, but you can be sure an unhappy one will shout it from the rooftops. Because of this, a major benefit of having a virtual receptionist is the high-quality experience they will deliver every time someone contacts your business. If you’re too busy to answer the phone, there’s no engaged tone or endless ringing. Your callers will speak to a real person who makes your business sound great every time.

For a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire, a virtual receptionist will improve productivity by freeing up your time and giving you the flexibility to use them only when you need – this could be 24/7, at peak times or outside of your regular office hours. They will act as a gatekeeper for unsolicited sales calls and capture every new enquiry that might otherwise be missed. Put simply, a virtual receptionist saves you money, wins new business and makes you look good. What’s not to like?

Talk to the experts

Moneypenny is the world’s leading outsourced communications provider, delivering telephone answering, live chat, switchboard and multichannel customer services to companies of all sizes. A multi-award winning employer, we hire extraordinary people whose infectiously positive attitudes and world-class training make them the best in the land.

With our virtual receptionist service, you will get a dedicated Moneypenny PA (aka your virtual receptionist) who is based in the UK, understands your customers’ needs and knows how you like to work. If you’re out of the office or just too busy to answer, calls will pass seamlessly to your Moneypenny PA. Depending on your needs and availability, the caller can either be transferred to you wherever you are or leave a message that will be sent right away via text or email.

Find out if a virtual receptionist is right for you. Experience our full service FREE for one week with no set-up costs, no admin charges and absolutely no ongoing commitment. You’ve got nothing to lose, so get started today. Call us now on 0333 202 1005, we love to talk. 

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