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What is Digital Switchboard and what are its benefits?


Phone calls are the lifeblood of every business.

In fact, a recent Moneypenny report revealed that UK businesses are receiving 34% more calls today than they were just 5 years ago – and you can imagine that figure will have risen significantly in recent months.

In such unprecedented times, businesses are faced with some of their toughest decisions to date; from grappling with cost-cutting and changing staffing levels, to clunky technology that doesn’t lend itself to a remote working environment. All of this on top of battling with keeping business running in as ‘usual’ a way as possible.

What is the Digital Switchboard?

Digital Switchboard is a cloud-based, versatile solution that uses intelligent speech recognition to put your callers in control. It allows you to effortlessly direct and filter calls to exactly where they need to go; be it, specific team members, on their mobile phones, your home landline, tailored information lines, voicemail – or even a professional Moneypenny Receptionist, who can answer calls as an extension to your team, exactly as if based within your business, so callers never notice a difference.

What are the key benefits?

24/7 business continuity 

Our Digital Switchboard allows businesses to capture calls around the clock, with the flexibility to opt for support as and when it’s needed most; whether on a fully outsourced basis, or just to cover a busy spell. With customers needing reassurance now more than ever, Digital Switchboard ensures every call is captured and your callers can always reach your business.

Work remotely 

Digital Switchboard provides a centralised service, ideal for multi-site businesses, as well as teams working remotely across numerous locations. This enhances customer service and perception, creating a professional impression for every caller, every time.

What’s more, its simple set-up and cloud-based software, all easily managed through the online portal, enables callers to self-serve – ideal for remote teams, who can receive calls, messages and voicemail transcriptions no matter where they are working.

Cost savings 

Advances in both artificial intelligence (AI) technology and vocal recognition software present unprecedented opportunities to significantly reduce switchboard costs without compromising service levels.

Digital Switchboard can work as an ideal temporary solution for businesses looking to cut costs and tackle changing staff levels, as an affordable alternative to a permanent receptionist.


Using leading technology – from Amazon, Twilio, and Google – our Digital Switchboard streamlines the customer experience, empowering callers to route themselves directly to the person or department they wish to speak to. This helps free staff up to focus on core activities, without the distraction of fielding calls.

Real people on hand 

For companies receiving high call volumes or needing additional reception support, there is also the optional extra of having a specialist Moneypenny Receptionist on hand to look after calls when you’re busy; be it during a lunch break, out of office hours, or whenever you’re unavailable – providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your callers always receive a brilliant impression of your business – even when you’re unavailable to assist.

Claim your free 3 months 

As we weather this rocky period together, we’re inviting all UK businesses to try our Digital Switchboard solution completely free for 3 months. What’s more, none of our services tie you into long-term contracts – this is about helping you in the here and now.

To claim your free Digital Switchboard solution, call us today on 0333 202 1005. 

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