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Why do law firms need a Telephone Answering Service?

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Client attraction and retention are critically important to every law firm, big or small.

Your glowing record of case wins, quick turnarounds, big name clients, word of mouth and online reviews will all contribute to the success of your firm, but often the biggest factor for people choosing a lawyer is the way they’re treated when they first get in touch, and at every contact point thereafter.

Client experience makes a huge difference to the way your firm is perceived and, in turn, how successful it will be. One sure fire way to demonstrate commitment to client care is with the very first, and often most regular, point of contact for your clients – a polite, professional and efficient person answering the phone. With so many firms struggling to perfect this part of the client journey, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 reasons law firms need a professional legal answering service;

  1. Lawyers are exceptionally busy

Calls from your clients, interested parties, other firms and anyone else who might need your time can be a major distraction, and fielding all types of calls when your team is working remotely may prove even more of a headache. You’re constantly walking the fine line between frustrating or disappointing your clients, and allowing your already packed schedule to be interrupted and delayed every time the phone rings.

With a telephone answering service, you have the opportunity to focus and your callers are given a great experience – a far better outcome than an endlessly ringing phone or distracted lawyer.

  1. Consistency in client care is essential

Every time your phone rings – and especially when a ‘mystery shopper’ calls to check on your service levels – it’s essential that it is answered promptly, professionally and by an individual who has been trained to deliver the best possible client care. Moreover, it should be a voice your callers can come to recognise.

With the help of a professional telephone answering service, your clients will always be able to reach your firm and speak to a dedicated receptionist who sounds like they’re based in your office, knows you and understands the way you like to communicate.

  1. Disaster recovery plans matter

Business continuity is critical both for consistency and compliance – it must always be “business as usual” and law firms need to be resilient no matter what happens. If you’re working from home and your office based phone system fails, or if the wifi is on the blink, you need a backup plan.

A telephone answering service will guarantee your calls are always answered no matter what happens; relieving the pressure, ensuring you remain compliant with SLA’s and giving your firm the time needed to get back up and running.

How we can help you

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