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Why now is the time for a first-class outsourced switchboard

Alice, Moneypenny Receptionist

Where others see obstacles, let us see opportunities.

Right now, we’re all looking for ways to make improvements and savings. Especially with additional measures in place to receive staff and visitors.

Here is how outsourcing your switchboard can greatly improve your front of house team. And ultimately, your firm’s operations.

Have greater control of your call traffic

Firms have had to manage volatility in demand over the last 7 months. This brings massive operational challenges when managing the resource required to answer inbound calls. For any respected law firm, delivering a high-quality service for every caller is essential, and ideally around the clock. But when call volumes are spiking, it’s not always possible for an in-house team to answer every call.

Outsourcing your switchboard relieves this pressure of call-jams and frustrated clients when receiving a high volume. With Moneypenny, calls are routed directly to your dedicated team of legal receptionists, who are experienced in dealing with high-net-worth clients. Every single call is answered in the professional and friendly manner expected of your firm’s exacting standards.

Your outsourced switchboard doesn’t need to route calls all of the time. If you have particularly busy peaks or need cover outside of office hours, this can be covered too.

There’s always someone on hand to speak with our clients, no matter what the time of day or night.

Mike Bloor, Business Supervisor & Senior Associate at JMW explains:

“All of our calls outside core business hours are now routed to Moneypenny, meaning we never miss a call. So there’s always someone on hand to speak with our clients no matter the time of day or night. The team at Moneypenny handles calls in a professional, non-advisory yet helpful manner – the ideal fit for our firm.”

Reevaluate your personnel requirements

As with many firms, you may be facing a period of reshuffling while the business readjusts in the upcoming months. You may have found that your previous hiring plans have been put on hold. Or perhaps the requirement is no longer there.

It’s a difficult position for anyone in operational management. Here is where outsourcing your switchboard team can help your operational needs and relieve your bottom line by reducing your overhead costs.

With less staff to budget for, Moneypenny’s switchboard service ensures you maintain your excellent first-class customer service, whilst giving your HR budget the breathing space it needs to recover. In short, you receive the high calibre of staff you’d hire yourself, for a fraction of the cost.

The volume of new leads we’re receiving is at a record high!

James Knight, Managing Director of Keystone Law, says:

“Moneypenny’s support enhances the level of service we provide to our clients. The service pays for itself – by capturing every call, the volume of new leads we’re receiving is at a record high. I would certainly recommend Moneypenny to others, it’s a no-brainer.”

Relieve your front of house staff for other duties

We are all putting in place safety measures as part of returning to the office. In particular, this will require a lot of time and attention when managing visitors. As a top firm, you’ll already be dedicating much of your reception team’s time to looking after visiting clients. So they may not have the capacity to handle calls when back up-and-running.

By taking this duty off their hands by outsourcing your call handling, they can focus all of their attention on providing your visitors with the impressive service you expect of them. With careful planning, any measures you install won’t impact visitors too heavily. And a smooth process will leave them convinced you are the capable firm they always suspected.

Not only do clients benefit from this process, but it gives you the opportunity to centralise your call-handling function, if you have multiple switchboards, and truly replicate your in-house switchboard team.

Future-proof your switchboard

Of course, no one could have predicted what this year could have brought to lives and businesses. But what it has taught many of us, is that we need to bolster our business continuity plans.

Since March, we’ve helped hundreds of firms enhance their service to ensure they can continue operating to full capacity – either remotely or in the office – with our switchboard service. As our support is scalable, we can continue to answer calls as your business picks up and clients become busy once more.

Our switchboard is future-proofed as we continue to grow.

As Mike Bloor at JMW puts:

“All of our calls are now diverted to Francesca, our dedicated Moneypenny Receptionist. The fact that Moneypenny can look after additional call volume seamlessly is very attractive, and ensures our switchboard is future-proofed as we continue to grow.”

To talk to one of our informative team about how we can help your firm with our Outsourced Switchboard service, visit or call us today on 0333 202 1005. 

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