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Get to know the Moneypenny portal


When you use Moneypenny’s Telephone Answering Service, having the support of a dedicated PA is only the beginning.

You also have access to a raft of helpful tools to ensure you’re maximising our support and getting the most out of being a Moneypenny client – and our online portal is no exception.

A treasure chest of information, you can see who’s calling your business, at what times of the day and where they’re based, download invoices, update your PA on your availability, and more.

Here’s a closer look at what your portal can do for you:


What is it?: An interactive dashboard showing information such as call minutes used, busiest day of the week and time of day, all translated into graphs and charts.

Benefits: Seeing this breakdown can help you better understand your call trends and invoices. By exporting the data, you can also share this information with your team as a management tool for increased efficiency.

Calls & Messages

What is it?: An audit of all calls & messages handled by Moneypenny on your behalf, including screened cold calls. Each one detailing the date, time, caller’s full name, company name, number they called from, the action your PA took (e.g. emailed or sent as a text) and of course the full message itself.

Benefits: You’ll have total visibility of your calls, with the ability to search your history through keywords, employee names or date ranges, and export lists if required.

Update my Team

What is it?: A quick and simple way to keep in touch with us throughout your working day, no matter where you are.

Benefits: By letting your PA and their team know your real-time whereabouts, they’ll always have accurate and up-to-date information, and know exactly how you’d like your calls to be handled at any given time.

Manage Your Details

What is it?: An in-depth and editable overview of your employees’ details, including their names, job titles and email addresses, along with general company information.

Benefits: With control of the company information we store for you, you’re able to update business and employee details directly whenever you need.

Caller Locations

What is it?: This feature allows you to see where your customers are calling from using a world map.

Benefits: Gain in-depth data on your customers based on their location to target key demographics and better understand your business’s reach and where the majority of your new enquiries are coming from.

The Moneypenny portal holds anything and everything to help you manage your service. Log in now or give our Support Squad a call on 0345 123 3700 if you need a hand with any of the portal’s features.

We give you amazing people and technology:


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