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Diverting ISDN phone lines to Moneypenny

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Your divert can be turned on and off whenever you want

The advice below assumes BT is your line provider. If not, don’t worry. The chances are they will follow a very similar process.

Unsure which type of phone line you have? Have a look at your BT box, if it looks like this:

keep reading. If it looks like the box below,you have an analogue line. Don’t worry, check out our ‘guide to diverting analogue lines to Moneypenny‘ here.

There are three different ways to redirect calls from ISDN lines:

  • An admin controlled divert – which is a redirect, setup by BT at the local exchange
  • A redirect handled within your phone system
  • A call deflection divert – which is simply the best method of all

Admin controlled divert

This is the most basic method and also the easiest one to set up. To activate it, call BT and ask them to redirect your calls (when they’re unanswered or engaged) to your Moneypenny number, which we will have already emailed to you. From this moment on, if your lines are busy or a call rings for more than 15 seconds, it will be instantly routed to Moneypenny. Your PA will answer it and handle the call as per your instructions.

However, using this method means that every single one of your lines and numbers will automatically pick up the same redirection. So any calls into your office, regardless of the line it’s come in on, will pass to us too – even if you don’t want them to.

Lots of Moneypenny answering service clients get around this by setting their direct line voicemails to cut in before the 15 second timer is reached. So if you do use voicemail on your lines and don’t mind being unable to control the 15 second ring time, then Admin Controlled divert is a good option for you.

Redirect handled within your phone system

This method uses the settings within your phone system. You can set this up yourself, or you can ask your systems engineer to do it for you. The easiest way to explain this is to imagine Moneypenny being added as another extension in your phone system. When a call comes in, it routes to this extension, which forwards the call through to us here.

The great thing about this is that you can control exactly which numbers are sent to Moneypenny and which aren’t. And you also choose exactly how long you want calls to ring in your office before coming to us.

However, as before, there is a downside. As the redirection takes place within your phone system, you will use two of your lines each time a call routes to us. This means that you’ll end up using twice as many lines as normal, for calls we answer for you. It also means that your Moneypenny PA is unable to see the number your caller is ringing from. It will have been replaced by your own.

Call deflection divert

The third and final option for diverting your ISDN line is call deflection. This is, without a doubt, the very best way of redirecting your calls. We love it and our clients love it too, which means their callers do as well. It is predominately a BT feature; however most other providers do now support it.

You configure your phone system to tell BT to redirect certain calls through to Moneypenny. By some mystery of telecoms magic, whilst a call is ringing in your office, a message is sent to the BT exchange telling it to ring here instead. None of your lines are taken up. We get the callers’ number. And you have total control over when you divert, which numbers are sent, after how long, and so on.

Most modern phone systems support this feature. However, for those that don’t, we’ve got a solution. A call deflection box. This piece of kit simply plugs into your ISDN circuit and adds the deflection facility to your phone system. It’s brilliant and is used by thousands of Moneypenny clients. It is worth mentioning however that call deflection will only redirect your unanswered calls. So, just to make sure you’re completely covered, speak to your provider about adding an admin controlled divert to redirect those engaged calls too.

Our advice? Use call deflection if you can. If you can’t, we can provide a box to you. And if you’re in any doubt what so ever, pick up the phone and talk with us on 0333 202 1005. We have tons of experience, and we’d love to help you out.

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