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Microsoft Teams integrations: An overview

Share your real-time status with Moneypenny

How it works

Access to your employees’ live status is just one of the brilliant new integration features available exclusively to Moneypenny clients.

Share your real-time status information 

Simply link your Microsoft Teams status to Moneypenny and we’ll know exactly when to transfer calls over to you or handle them on your behalf.

Linking your status to Moneypenny is easy and takes just minutes – simply ask your Teams administrator to call us on 0345 123 3700 and we’ll talk you through the steps to get started.

Let’s say for example your status is set to ‘Busy’; we’ll explain to your callers that you’re currently on another call and take a message which we’ll forward to you immediately to follow up on when you’re available again.

Likewise. If your status is set to any of the other unavailable options, we’ll let your callers know you’re away from your desk and take a detailed message for you. Whenever your status is displayed as ‘Available’; we’ll transfer calls straight through to you.

Forwarding Teams calls to Moneypenny 

Divert calls to your Moneypenny Receptionist

Microsoft Teams integrations also include the handy option of diverting Teams calls through to your Moneypenny Receptionist.

Whenever someone tries to call you via Teams but you’re engaged or otherwise unavailable, you can send the caller through to us to look after on your behalf, rather than declining the caller or leaving them to your Teams voicemail. All that’s required to set this up is a simple tweak to your Teams settings which we’ll talk you through during our setup call.

Receive calls from Moneypenny via Teams 

Allow your Moneypenny Receptionist to transfer calls via Teams

The third and final of our Teams integrations allows you to receive Moneypenny calls via your MS Teams account. So long as your Microsoft license includes a phone system, then your Moneypenny Receptionist can transfer calls directly to the number assigned to you, meaning fewer devices and a more seamless way of working.

To find out more click here or call us now on 0345 123 3700 to get started. 

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