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Informing your team about our service

Your PA will get to know your business in and out

The reasons why businesses outsource their calls to Moneypenny vary, but the outcome is always the same: a more effective way of working that benefits both customers and staff alike.

If you’ve chosen to use Moneypenny, congratulations! Great decision. Here are a few things to consider when communicating this news to others in your team. After all, ensuring everyone understands the purpose of our service will allow you to maximise its true potential.

Step 1: Know your vision

Being transparent about your business challenge(s) and how Moneypenny will resolve these issues for you and your colleagues is important. From the outset, share your vision, for example:

Our existing business challenges were:

– Telephone forever under/over staffed
– Office staff distracted by overflow calls
– Business unable to support a full-time receptionist

Benefits of Moneypenny:

  • Dedicated PA answers calls when no one’s available
  • Office staff can get on with what they do best
  • Business avoids HR and associated overheads

Ceri, Moneypenny PA

A healthy business looks after the needs of its customers and employees. Sharing these details with team members ensures greater engagement, and a more effective use of Moneypenny from the outset.

Step 2: Communicate your vision

You’ve established your business challenges and the benefits of using Moneypenny; now communicate them effectively. You know your team. Do they appreciate hearing about new initiatives via letter? Email? Company intranet? Poster in the staff kitchen? Maybe all of the above! We believe in keeping it short and direct, so here’s our take on the type of detail you might want to share:

Who is Moneypenny?
Moneypenny is the UK’s leading telephone answering service, in fact. We’ve heard great things. We want you to put them to the test.

What are they going to provide?
A real person. Not based in our office, but theirs: a dedicated Moneypenny PA called Alice. We’ve had a Welcome Call with Alice and told her who each of us are and how we like to work. Callers will assume she’s a member of our in-house team because she’ll transfer calls and take messages in exactly the same way as we do now.

Why do we need Moneypenny?
We’re not terrible at answering our phone, but can we honestly say we answer every single call promptly? When we do, it’s often interrupted busy team members in the process. No good for us or our customers.

How will Moneypenny benefit us?
Alice will be on hand whenever the phone is engaged or unanswered. Lunch times. Meetings. Illness. Holidays. No one will ever have to worry about an unloved customer ever again.

How will this affect me?
In a good way, we hope. Fewer unanswered calls to deal with, and happier customers because queries are always dealt with there and then.

Anything else I need to know?
Yes – we’ll each have access to an app so you can keep Alice up to date on your whereabouts, which she can relay to callers. A perfect working relationship.

If you’ve more questions that need answering, just ask us. Moneypenny is more than just a supplier. We’re an extension of your in-house team and are always happy to help.

Step 3: Tell them about the tech!

We’ve touched on it above, but Moneypenny’s technology really is unrivalled in its ability to connect you with the person looking after your calls – making them even more effective than an in-house receptionist. Each of your employees are able update your PA on their movements via the Moneypenny app. They can do this manually or choose to enable their GPS to have their availability change automatically according to their location, whatever works best for them. Our app does lots of other clever stuff too; your team can record calls for easy reference and transcribe voicemails for efficient working, they’ll even be able to make calls from your main office number on their mobile for when they’re out and about – trust us, they’re going to love it.

Step 4: Invite feedback

Just as you expect your employees to be open to the idea of outsourcing, you as a business should be open to receiving feedback. It’s your team who will be interacting with the service day in and day out. What are their thoughts? Often, they’re the first to identify how Moneypenny can be used to greater effect, because they know how your business ticks. If there’s something we don’t appear to offer, talk to us. Many of our most intuitive features are the result of client feedback.

Knowledge really is King, and your employees will appreciate being made aware, and part, of your journey with us. And if there’s anything else we can do to help your transition to Moneypenny, pick up the phone and give us a call on 0333 202 1005 – we’d be happy to help.

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