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Jackson Fire & Security

North Wales based Jackson Fire & Security have been using Moneypenny since July 2016.

Being local to Moneypenny, Jackson Fire & Security decided to become clients as soon as they visited our office. In this film, Rachel Evans, Marketing Manager, explains how they decided to trial a telephone answering service to streamline the call handling process throughout their franchise. They chose Moneypenny because of a prior relationship to the business and were already aware of their high reputation and award winning service.

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Rachel Evans, Marketing Manager, Jackson Fire & Security: Hi I’m Rachel from Jackson Fire & Security based in North Wales.

We became aware of Moneypenny through the fire safety service we were providing them in Wrexham and then we were looking for a call-answering service for our new franchisees so, first company that sprung to mind and, with them being so local, we thought we’d pop down and see about their services in more detail.

When we went over to the office Moneypenny offered us a trial and we thought it was such a great atmosphere there, the people were friendly, we listened in to some calls and they were all dealt with really professionally, so we thought that the next best step was to see how they handled our calls.

Every person you speak to has got a smile on their face and are friendly, they’re constantly making sure that you’re happy with the service, which is obviously what you like from your suppliers.

Moneypenny looked to implement a solution for our North West franchisees, as we were growing fast in that area, we needed a more streamlined process working on postcodes to handle calls more efficiently and Moneypenny came up with the perfect solution and we’ve noticed a big improvement in that area.

Moneypenny bring a range of benefits to our franchisees coming on board. It’s crucial that, from day one, they know that, whether it’s a call out for a fire and security system that’s being dealt with really efficiently or whether it’s handling new sales, which is crucial in the early days and ongoing, and awareness by continually dealing with those enquiries in a professional manner.

We do use Moneypenny’s reporting tools and we’ve found them really useful, especially from a marketing point of view, it’s a great tool to find out how our franchisees are doing for new sales enquiries, week-on-week, and we can feed that back into other marketing campaigns. We can find out what best times there are for generating new enquiries.

Our overall thoughts on Moneypenny are great. We’ve never met anyone from Moneypenny who doesn’t smile and say “Hello”; it’s a basic thing but it’s a great start and it comes across well with their clients, but also with our clients who are picking up the phones to speak to our Moneypenny PA.

Moneypenny adds value right through our franchise network. Any new franchisee coming on board can rest assured that their new sales leads or existing customer call-outs are being dealt with in the right, professional way.

I would recommend Moneypenny to any other business, especially a franchise network. Moneypenny have streamlined our call-answering process throughout the UK.”

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