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5 tips to work well from home 

Many of us will be about to work from home for the very first time this week. But for millions of UK workers, remote working is already the norm. 

Recent studies indicate that 1.5 million people in the UK work from home*. Businesses today are taking advantage of technological advances and virtual tools to power their workforces, away from the traditional office setting.

And it’s not just bedroom startups or small teams working in this way, some of the most successful big brands operate entirely remotely; take social media management company Buffer, or WordPress founders Automattic, for example.

So, if you’re about to work from home, how can you ensure your home environment is just as productive as the office? We’ve compiled five simple tips to help:

1. Get ready and dressed for the day 

It might sound obvious, but for many, the prospect of staying in your pyjamas or dressing gown all day can be very appealing. However, sticking to as close as possible a routine as usual office life will help to mentally prepare yourself for a productive day at work.

Taking a shower, getting dressed and having your morning coffee will all help boost motivation and get your brain into a productive routine. Likewise, when it hits hometime, getting dressed out of your ‘work clothes’ and shutting down your laptop will allow you to properly switch off for the day.

2. Set working hours and schedule breaks

When working from home, you become your own personal manager. Stick to set working hours and don’t forget to take regular breaks away from your computer screen and desk.

While it can be tempting to dine ‘al-desko’ or to keep working after office hours, try to stick to your normal working routine and be sure to start and finish on time each day, as you usually would.

Using digital calendars such as Google Calendar or Teamup, will allow you to set desktop reminders to take a quick tea-break or your lunch, keeping you in check with a normal and healthy routine.

3. Get some fresh air 

It’s a good idea to leave the house and get some fresh air on your break. Being out of the office probably means that you’re away from your desk a lot less and so it’s even more important to move! Stretching your legs, breathing in the fresh air, and getting some natural light will work wonders for productivity and will help you feel more focused when you come back to your desk.

4. Have a dedicated workspace 

Wherever possible, create your own dedicated space to work in, rather than working from the sofa or areas you associate with leisure time. Consider using a particular room or quiet corner that you can specifically set up for work, away from distractions such as noise or the television. This will help to get you in the right frame of mind and to stay focused.

5. Pick up the phone (or video call) 

When you’re working from home, it’s often easy to go the best part of the day without any conversations or interaction with your colleagues. Although peace and quiet can be great for productivity, it can also prove very isolating and demotivating. Instead of emailing or chatting online, picking up the phone to speak with colleagues is much more engaging and productive. Even better than this is video conferencing. There are a number of tools which allow remote workers to easily connect with teammates, on a one-to-one basis, as well as for group discussion – tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are powerful alternatives to face-to-face meetings and can have a huge impact on improving inclusivity and strengthening company culture.

How can Moneypenny help? 

At Moneypenny, we have a range of products and solutions to help both small and large businesses transition seamlessly to remote working. Chat to our business continuity experts today to discuss your options and discover how we can support you to continue running your business as usual. Call us now on 0333 202 1005 to find out more.

*Data source: BBC

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