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8-step guide to better call management for care providers

As a care provider, your call management might not be your priority, but the way your calls are answered speaks volumes about you and your business.

From a customer’s perspective, the way you answer the phone – if you answer at all – suggests your approach to care: are you friendly, are you professional, are you there?

As people make evidence-based decisions when choosing their care provider (whether for themselves or a relative) how you handle their calls can make the difference between them becoming and staying your customer, or not.

A robust call handling plan can make sure all customer calls are handled well, and there are no slip-ups. So, Moneypenny is sharing a free 8-step guide to help you better manage your calls as a care provider.

Lauren Williams, Business Development Manager for the Health & Care sector at Moneypenny, explains: “Lots of care providers view answering the phone as something that just happens, rather than an important communications activity that requires a strategy of its own.

“This guide is intended to help nursing, domiciliary and care homes think more closely about the caller journey and how the quality of call handling can impact their ability to fill new beds, project a professional image and recruit staff.

“We know first-hand that many care homes find call handling difficult. Often they don’t have adequate resource and so care givers are expected to chip in with answering ringing phones.

“This just isn’t effective use of their time, particularly for a sector which is already understaffed.”

The 8-step guide is designed to give care providers the basic principles of great call handling from a customer’s perspective, and help to reduce the pressure on care staff.


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