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Boost your law firm’s bottom line with outsourced switchboard


Save 30% by outsourcing your switchboard to Moneypenny.

It’s hard to overstate the recent changes. Our ways of working have evolved 10 years in only a few months. 

Some good. Some bad. Right now, there won’t be a single law firm not paying close attention to their bottom line, and what improvements could be made. Outsourcing your switchboard can help ease the pressure on your balance sheet and relieve potential staffing issues.

Benefit from savings while keeping service levels high

Whilst businesses and clients get back to pre-March working levels, and staff are brought back from furlough, many firms are paying close attention to the effects the past 7 months have had on their balance sheets.

Tough decisions are being made. Departments and roles are being evaluated. This is understandable. But no elite law firm can afford to cut overheads at the expense of first-class service.

Any top law firm understands that client needs must not be affected by any budget revaluation you run. At the base-level of client service, their calls must be answered every time they contact your firm, with no calls being missed. Try Moneypenny’s switchboard calculator to see how much outsourcing could save your firm.

Save up to 60% of your current switchboard costs

This is where an outsourced switchboard can help both service levels and a firm’s operational budget. Outsourcing your switchboard could save up to 60% in operational costs in reduced overheads while answering every single incoming call.

David Eagle, Head of Client Solutions and Innovation for Royds Withy King, explains:

“We found ourselves in a position no firm wants to be in: missing 30% of our calls. Internal resources were under pressure – we needed to evaluate quickly, and act fast. Moneypenny’s switchboard service was the ideal place to start.”

While a Digital Switchboard – in which IVR allows the caller to route themselves to the person or department they want to speak to – could save up to 80% compared with your current switchboard costs.

Enjoy a flexible resource when needed

You may realise that you only need outsourced assistance some of the time, and costs savings can be made by cutting out of hours in-house switchboard coverage. Moneypenny’s Outsourced Switchboard is a flexible resource, available to suit your needs and as scalable as you need it to be.

Experienced Moneypenny Receptionists can answer your calls either some of the time – for instance, while your in-house team is busy due to high call traffic at certain times of the day – or after office hours, and 24/7 if necessary, as David Eagle puts:

“Our new business enquiries divert to Moneypenny during the day, and all main switchboard calls out of hours. Kellie, our Moneypenny Receptionist, and her team capture every call and do a fantastic job of portraying our business in exactly the right way.”

Manage your ongoing risk

Our support team has spoken to scores of law firms over the past several months about building an outsourced switchboard provision into their business continuity plans. Both firms that already use Moneypenny’s services and those that haven’t outsourced before have been keen to make sure no calls are ever missed should anything happen to their teams.

Moneypenny’s switchboard is completely scalable, meaning our receptionists can answer calls if your team contracts without any disruption to your callers. It’s a seamless operation.

To talk to one of our informative team about how we can help your firm with our Outsourced Switchboard service, visit or call us today on 0333 009 8329.

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