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Enhance your website performance with these 5 tools

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As a business owner, you’ve got more than enough to think about.

Managing a website can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Luckily there are thousands of tools out there that help make it that little bit easier. We’ve selected 5 of our favourites and explored how they could work for your business:

1. Google Analytics

As obvious as it may seem, Google Analytics is the best tool available for anyone who manages a website.

Simple and easy to set up, it allows you to track and report on everything that happens on your website; the number of browsers, how long they spent on the site and, most importantly, how many of them converted. Among many other things, Google Analytics provides you with the insights you need to understand how users interact with your website, see how effective your marketing campaigns have been and identify areas for improvement. You can also integrate Google Analytics with live chat. What’s more, you can do all this for free.

Find out more about Google Analytics here.

2. Google Search Console

Previously known as ‘Google Webmaster Tools’, Google Search Console is your way of communicating with Google about your website.

Setting it up is essential for your website, it lets Google know your site exists and that you want to appear in their listings when people are searching for relevant keywords. Once up and running, Google will share updates and issues about your site via the messaging section and provide you with a series of reports to help you run it even more effectively.

Learn more about Google Search Console here.

3. Live Chat Widgets

Did you know that people are 6x more likely to engage with you via Live Chat than a standard web form? Live Chat widgets allow you to communicate with users in real-time whilst they browse your site – you can answer queries, provide further guidance on products or simply check in to see how they’re getting on. It’s an additional touch point you can utilise to ensure users are converting.

Historically a user would typically go on a website and convert in one of three ways; a purchase, a phone call or a form completion. Now, users expect more interaction and want to ask questions before making a commitment. This is where Live Chat becomes particularly valuable. Sure, we may be slightly biased as a Live Chat service provider, but we challenge you to find any marketing or website specialist who doesn’t champion the use of Live Chat.

The Live Chat world is complicated with so many solutions available; free or premium, AI or real people, serviced or self-managed, it can be really confusing, so take the time to work through your options and figure out which suits your website best.

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is a piece of software that allows you to see how users are interacting with your site, be that through recorded sessions, heatmaps or conversion funnels. The insight it provides gives you the foundations to make actionable changes that will impact conversion rates on your website.

Heatmaps are a fantastic way to see how users interact with your website. They allow you to clearly see what parts of your site users are most inclined to click on, what distracts them and what convinces them to convert. Session recordings allow you to view individual user journey, from point of entry on your site right through to exit, allowing you to see what is and isn’t working and come up with ideas to improve site performance.

Hotjar offer a free trial, but require a paid package for larger sites. Find out more about Hotjar here.

5. Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool for all businesses. It enhances your presence on search results pages and provides users with relevant information on your organisation. Free and easy to set up, this tool allows you to create a business profile where you can place all kinds of helpful information such as opening hours, contact details and store/office locations.

Other useful features include reviews, event listings, Q&A and an image gallery. Google My Business is constantly evolving and recently added features that allow you to build a website and post blog content onto your profile. By creating and optimising your profile, Google is more likely to show you and your website in local search listings. Let’s say someone searches for your service and location, e.g. “Solicitors in London”, there is a greater chance you’ll appear as a result.

Learn more about Google My Business here.

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