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How law firms are embracing tech to drive more leads 

97% of law firms will try new tech to boost leads.

It’s no secret that law firms are increasingly turning to tech to win business, with the abundance of lawtech solutions now available on the market. 

Utilising tech for lead generation is high on law firms’ agendas, with 97% of UK firms claiming they’d happily experiment with new technologies to drive more enquiries to their business.

So, why has technology become such an important driver for the legal sector? In the past, law firms have been notoriously slow when it comes to adopting new tech, often governed by traditional values that, rightly, prioritise security, they rely on dated and clunky systems that don’t allow for flexibility for the client or staff. These systems serve little to no place in the future workplace where remote practices have quickly become the norm.

Tech adoption is no longer just a desire for law firms, it’s a need. In order to future-proof your lead process and remain agile in a volatile climate, it’s time to embrace tech.

The growth of legal tech

Pressure from clients has become the catalyst for lawtech adoption in the UK legal sector, according to research from The Law Society. And as a result, legal tech experienced an investment record growth of  713% in 2018!

We need to remember that law is based on a solicitor/client relationship, and that client has changed.

As Lauren Riley, Founder of the Link App, explains:

“Legaltech is growing in areas such as research, security, and auditing. This is fantastic – but we need to remember that law is based on a solicitor/client relationship, and that client has changed… 

By offering clients clarity and more efficient, honest, and open customer service, we can help lead the legaltech charge, and revolutionise our profession.” 

Improving client experience with live chat

Over the past 12 months, Moneypenny has experienced a 115% rise in the number of UK law firms adding our Live Chat service to their websites. However, of the 17,000 legal websites that exist in the UK, only a tiny proportion (2.5%) currently have live chat installed.

Only 2,5% of legal websites have live chat installed.

Our Live Chat service has been specifically designed to support the needs of busy firms. Combining people & technology, our acclaimed solution allows you to manage incoming chats whenever you can, from anywhere there’s an internet connection – perfect for those working remotely. When you’re unavailable, chats will overflow seamlessly for trained and experience Moneypenny Receptionists to manage on your behalf.

What’s more, setup is simple – a small piece of code is added to your firm’s website – and it’s ready to use within minutes!

So what can you expect from live chat?

Get ahead of competitors; in a challenging environment, firms are having to fight harder to gain leads. 41% of chats result in a brand new enquiry – giving you even more opportunities to win new cases.

Engage with new clients; with web traffic increasing all the time, converting curious browsers into leads is a priority for firms of all sizes. Live chat is proven to generate 6x more engagement from your website visitors.

Satisfy your audience; a live chat facility on your website is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s an expectation, with a third of web visitors presuming they’ll find it when visiting your firm’s website.

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