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What is an outsourced switchboard, and why do you need one?

An outsourced switchboard works in the same way as a team of in-house switchboard operators, the main difference being that they work remotely for an outsourced service provider.

A switchboard service may replace your existing reception team, or provide support during peak times, out of regular office hours or during major campaigns which generate increased call volume.

Typically managed by the Operations or Facilities Manager, an outsourced switchboard is most commonly used by large businesses who want to deliver exceptional service to their callers and staff – briefed at the outset and throughout the relationship, outsourced switchboard receptionists understand the needs of both and become a seamless extension of their client’s business.

The key benefits of an outsourced switchboard include;

  • Scalable support, 24/7 or as required
  • Disaster recovery solutions ensure continuity of service during any down time
  • Centralised service for multi-site businesses improves customer service and business efficiency
  • Cost saving and reduced HR responsibilities
  • Improves and maintains service levels

Combining people and technology

Advances in both artificial intelligence (AI) technology and vocal recognition software present unprecedented opportunities to significantly reduce switchboard costs without compromising service levels.

Incorporating Twilio and Amazon Polly technology, our own Digital Switchboard service uses intelligent speech recognition, Nuance and IBM Watson technology to allow callers to self-serve. With the ability to route directly to the person or department they wish to speak to, callers are empowered and staffing costs reduced.

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