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Your questions answered

In light of recent circumstances surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus, we’ve received a number of questions and queries from both clients and prospective customers. 

To help solve some of your concerns and provide peace of mind during this challenging time, we interviewed Head of Operations at Moneypenny, Ceri Henfrey.

Following Covid-19, will Moneypenny still be able to answer calls and chats for its clients? 

Absolutely. Thankfully, our robust business continuity plan has meant we’ve been able to adapt to the current situation smoothly and efficiently.

Our call and chat technology platform is built using cloud technology (VoIP), and our own internal data and tech system, RITA, is built on a system called Twilio. This essentially means that no matter where our PAs are, they can still securely access the data and information they need to continue delivering the exact same level of customer experience as before.

We have 100% capacity for our PAs and support staff to work from home, with all the necessary equipment and tech in place; meaning that our clients can keep communications flowing with their customers, just as always.

With PAs working from home, how will this impact customer confidentiality and GDPR? 

Moneypenny is able to reinforce the same levels of security around its customer data, just as we do when we’re all working from the office.

Clients can rest assured that their details are being accessed securely via a unique VPN, set up by our brilliant team of tech experts, which means no data is stored locally and all information is kept safe.

What is Moneypenny doing to help clients who have been affected by the situation?

We understand that this will be a difficult time for many people and we’re working closely with individual clients to help find the solutions that best fit their current needs during this challenging time. This flexible approach is something we have been advocates of since day one.

Where clients are receiving more calls than usual, we’re providing extra call answering support as well as offering discounts and upgrades on some of our core products. Likewise, we’re reducing our support where clients are in a difficult financial circumstance or have found themselves with spare capacity to manage these services in-house for the time being. If you have any concerns, please just pick up the phone and call us on 0333 202 1005 – we’re here to help.

We also have a suite of powerful business continuity solutions that offer 24/7 support to both small and large organisations, so that your team can facilitate remote working and continuous communications with customers, as well as staff. Visit our Business Continuity page to find out more about our products and speak with our experts today to discover how we can help you keep your business running as usual.

How is Moneypenny currently supporting its staff? 

We’ve equipped all of our wonderful employees with the tools and equipment to work effectively from home so that they can continue to deliver exceptional service on behalf of our clients. At our HQ, we have social distancing measures firmly in place and a skeleton crew to man the offices and look after our growing number of new recruits while they go through their training programmes.

A new focus for us now is to maintain our famous Moneypenny culture through this transitional phase, away from our offices.

How do you maintain your award-winning culture while you’re working remotely? 

For anyone who’s visited the Moneypenny offices before, you’ll know that our culture is at the heart of everything we do. We’re finding new ways to ensure this is still the case even when we’re working remotely.

We’re currently transferring our Mental Wellbeing programme to a video environment, and will continue with online exercise classes for our employees now that our gym has closed. We’re looking to hold Friday ‘virtual drinks’ & games via video call, now that our on-site pub is temporarily off-limits.

We’ve also translated our employee thank you programme, which celebrates exceptional customer service and going ‘above and beyond’, to a virtual environment.

Workplace by Facebook continues to be a key everyday platform for us. It’s a brilliant tool for keeping employees engaged with the Moneypenny vision, recognising hard work and personal achievements, and ensuring we all feel better-connected.

You can read more about our top tips for working remotely, here. And check out the five digital tools Moneypenny uses every day, here.

If you’ve been affected by recent circumstances and you’d like more support or information about how we can help your business, call us now on 0333 101 2005. 

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