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Dealing with out-of-hours calls

Be prepared at all times, even out-of-hours

At Moneypenny we know the importance of every call, even those after hours.

This section of your portal will help you manage these very calls. To make it even easier we’ve explained exactly how it works here:

Out-of-hours settings

Applying out of hours setting will mean you can easily change how your calls are handled when your business is closed.

Firstly, head to ‘Call settings’, then ‘Out of hours’ and turn the out of hours toggle on. You can then set the duration you want your standard routing to apply, e.g. Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 17:30pm

You’ll then need to select what happens to your calls outside of your selected hours. You have three options of where your calls will be directed to:

  • A recipient
  • A recipient’s voicemail
  • A Moneypenny PA

If you opt for a recipient, you’ll need to choose who this will be and which numbers you’d like your out-of-hours settings to apply to. This can be all of the numbers, including those that route straight to a recipient (direct dial numbers), or just the numbers that go to a Digital Receptionist.

You can also choose to record an out-of-hours greeting. Just select which greeting you wish to use by choosing from one of the three options:

1. Standard greeting – listen to see if it is suitable.

2. Record your own greeting.

3. Order a greeting from us.

Want to know more about Pocket Phone System’s great features? Have a watch of our Auto-attendant options video – there’s plenty to see. Or if there’s anything technical we can help with, give us a call on 0333 202 1005 and we’ll help out.

We give you amazing people and technology:


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