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Using the Pocket Phone System app

The Pocket Phone System app will transform the way you work

From managing call paths to activating voicemail transcriptions, your app holds absolutely everything you need to customise your Pocket Phone System.

This guide assumes that you’re on board with our Sprint or Fly package. If you’re on our Run package, you can upgrade at anytime via your online portal. 

Through the Pocket Phone System app you can;

  • Route your calls to whichever location suits you
  • Send unanswered calls to a colleague, Moneypenny or your voicemail
  • Stay in touch with a full log of your calls & messages
  • Allow colleagues to manage their own call paths

Managing your call paths

Manage where you want calls for your recipients to go (recipients are people or departments). You can choose from the following options;

My numbers: Send calls to a list of numbers e.g. your mobile, landline or office. Also decide where the calls should end up if you don’t answer: voicemail or a Moneypenny PA. Here, you’ll control where and how your calls ring and can add up to three numbers to receive calls e.g. your landline, office or mobile. Decide how long the call will ring for, in what order your chosen recipients are called and where the call should end up if you don’t answer: voicemail or a Moneypenny PA.

Straight to recipient: Send calls straight to another recipient’s list of numbers, if they don’t answer, the call will end up at your backup destination.

Straight to voicemail: Send calls straight to your Pocket Phone System voicemail.

Straight to Moneypenny: Send calls straight to a Moneypenny PA.

Voicemail transcriptions

Here, you can listen to your voicemails and view voicemail transcriptions. You’ll be able to add any caller to your VIP list, call them or forward the message as an email in this section as well.

Outbound calling

Use several numbers? Choose which business number to display when making outbound calls. Through your app dialler you can also access your contact and VIP lists.

Recording a business greeting

Go to settings screen and select ‘Record A Business Greeting’. Start and stop recording by tapping here. Press ‘Save’ and your greeting will be available on the portal for you to select.

The Pocket Phone System app will quickly become your new best friend – you’re going to love it! But if there’s anything you’re unsure about or need help with, just give us a call on 0333 202 1005 and we’ll lend a hand.

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