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Live Chat – your most powerful website tool

Our amazing people manage live chat on your website whenever you need.

Bright and confident people combined with bespoke and intelligent technology, result in an incredible Live Chat service. Built solely around your business’s needs, Live Chat is there to help you convert more website visitors into customers and enhance your online customer experience.

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Hi, I’m Jamie and in the next couple of minutes I’ll cover how to set up Moneypenny’s Live Chat and explain how our amazing people will deliver your chats just as if they were based in your office. We’ll also give you a few pointers on how to make Live Chat really work for your business. You will be full of all the knowledge and confidence that will have your customers knocking your doors down.

So, Live Chat. When it’s delivered well it’s the fastest and most cost-effective way of turning your site’s visitors into brilliant customers. But there’s a catch and this catch is the difference between Live Chat success and failure. You see, those visitors, they’re a mighty impatient bunch; if they have a question they want it answering there and then; when they click on the little ‘Ask me’ button, they’re judging you. The next few seconds tell them more about your business than anything else. Leave them hanging on and they’ll be off. Respond promptly and knowledgeably and they’re on your line ready to reel in. Our job here is simple, really; we super power your Live Chat; we turn those visitors into customers.

How do you set up live chat on your site? Actually it’s not that techie at all. Talk to one of our advisors and they’ll send you this little bit of code. Any web page that you want visitors to be able to start a chat from; simply paste this code into it. Most people just add it to every page, it’s just a five-minute job, but if you’re not confident with this hand it over to whoever looks after your site or give one of our live chat gurus a tinkle.

Don’t forget that, when we answer on your behalf, the customer is totally oblivious to the fact that it’s us and not you; the switch between us is completely seamless. That well informed, prompt and courteous person they’re chatting to – for all intents and purposes – is simply another amazing member of your team.

Our PAs, they’re specialists and they’re all based right here in our UK office. They’re briefed by you and they get to know your business just as if it was your office they were sitting in. To take a trial or just to find out more get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

We give you amazing people and technology:


Your own Moneypenny PA to answer calls exactly as if based in your office.

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Amazing people, briefed by you to manage chats whenever you can't.

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