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Pearl Accountants

Award-winning practice Pearl Accountants came on board with Moneypenny’s Telephone Answering service in 2016, and Live Chat soon followed.

Pearl Accountants are able to deliver the outstanding service their clients expect and deserve with Moneypenny’s support. Hear from CEO & Founder, Shoaib Aslam, as he shares how outsourcing their calls and chats helps them to capture new business and maintain client retention levels.

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My name is Shoaib Aslam, I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Pearl Chartered Accountants.

Why did Pearl Accountants decide to use a telephone answering service?

We’re very proud of our customer service and as a result, we wanted our clients to have an exceptional experience. We didn’t want any of our clients to call in and say ‘Oh well, no one’s here’ or ‘I’m sorry’ – they’re the worst message. We wanted an exceptional experience and as a result, we went down the road of looking for a very top end telephone answering service and we found Moneypenny.

Moneypenny stood out because of the premium agents that it employs and they’re absolutely professional, they’re very very knowledgeable about our business, so it’s almost like someone’s sitting in-house and attending that call.

What are the benefits of using Live Chat on your website?

The benefits of using a live chat facility, first of all from a marketing perspective, it captures clients on your website, and you’ve got features where it actually auto-engages with the client saying ‘Hey, can I help you on this particular page that you’re on?’ or ‘Have you got any questions?’ The benefit of that is you’ve got free business coming in.

Some of the benefits additionally that we’ve noticed about the Live Chat facility is that we can have a pre-written script to guide the chat agent. It’s not quite simply a copy paste job – they’ll actually go in and tweak that script, if need be, so I think that’s worked really really well.

How important is good customer service to your business?

It’s so important given the rigorous competition we’re facing now, to ensure our client retention levels are maintained, primarily through customer service. So yeah, most certainly we’ve recommended a number of clients already and we will continue to do that and recommend them to Moneypenny as a result. I think it’s a brilliant service, I think if they benefit, we’ll benefit as accountants, they’ll grow and we’ll grow with them.

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