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Top tips to maximise Live Chat on your website

From customising the design of your chat widget to activating proactive chats, you have total control.

In this short film, we go through our very own tips and tricks on using Live Chat to get the very best from your website. Discover the different features and tools available to you as a client and learn how to use them to engage with customers and ultimately benefit from seeing immediate results in your sales and service levels.

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Jamie here! So you’ve got Live Chat from Moneypenny on your website, brilliant! Let’s make sure you’re making the most of it; here are some tips…

Tip 1. You’ll  get better results by testing different widgets styles and text, for example: “Hello how can I help?” may give you less engagement than “We’re here for you right now.” Tailor it to your industry, too, for example: if you’re an estate agent, ask if they need a valuation, rather than “How can I help?”

Tip 2. You’ve got a whole design studio at your fingertips – have a play; it’s great and you’ll love that you’re in control. Change the look, the feel and the position of the chat widget and box. Add your own photos, change default times and settings, it’s up to you.

Tip 3. Experiment with proactive chats; when they appear and why, what they say etc. Play around; you’ll know what works for you immediately.

Tip 4. Decide what you want from live chat. Are you looking to generate leads or resolve queries? Make sure your language and phrases match your objective. Ask open questions and, again, try different things until you find what works for you.

Tip 5. Whatever you do; respond quickly. We live in an always-on world and your visitors won’t wait for a reply. And, if you can’t commit to this, let your Moneypenny PA handle all of your chats all of the time.

Tip 6. Finally; keep in touch with your Live Chat PA. Update them regularly, ask for their advice; we’re all here to help you.

We’ve seen the results when done properly and it really works. Dive into your portal right now or chat to us, we’d love to help.

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