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5 reasons to use a virtual receptionist

Lucy, Moneypenny Receptionist

Customer service is king in today’s business world, it can set you apart from the competition.

But not all businesses can afford to have full-time receptionists and customer service representatives – this is where a virtual receptionist can make all the difference.

A virtual receptionist works much like a traditional in-house receptionist but they’re employed by an outsourced service provider, answering your business calls remotely while giving the impression they work for you. There are many benefits to using a virtual receptionist, here’s our top 5:

1. Improve your customer service

A virtual receptionist functions as part of your team, getting to know you, your business, and how you want your calls to be handled. This means business calls are always answered professionally, knowledgeably and with courtesy. Your clients get a seamless customer experience and you get the chance to build strong relationships.

2. Ensure your customers always speak to a real person

69% of callers will not leave a message on an answering machine, so it is essential your customers are able to reach a real person every time they call.

With a virtual receptionist service you don’t have to worry about them going on a break, getting sick or taking a holiday; a reliable telephone answering service – aka your virtual receptionist – will ensure there is always a small team of supporting receptionists trained in representing your business, ready and waiting to ensure a continuous, familiar voice for your callers.

3. Save money

At a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee, a virtual receptionist will provide you with all of the benefits while costing less. They provide flexibility to use their services only when you need them – for all calls, during holidays and peak times or just when you’re in a meeting so, no matter how often you need them, you’ll have peace of mind that your calls are covered.

4. Enjoy better time management for you and your team

The presence of a virtual receptionist leaves your in-house team free to get on with the core tasks that make your business grow. You don’t need to worry about the distraction of a ringing phone or breaking away from whatever task you are doing just in case it’s your next big sale. Your virtual receptionist will manage your calls; taking messages, only transferring VIP callers or diverting calls as requested to keep your focus on the task at hand – whatever you decide, whenever you need.

5. Improve your professional image

Your virtual receptionist will answer calls on behalf of your business quickly, professionally and always in your style. This gives a great impression for callers – often the first experience a person has of your brand. By using a professional virtual receptionist, you will enhance your brand image and deliver a high-quality service that callers will really appreciate.

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