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5 ways to get more from your Moneypenny service 


Moneypenny PA, Alice

As a Moneypenny client, it’s important to us that your experience enhances the way you work and gives you all of the support and tools you need to deliver exceptional customer service.

From the very start of your journey with us, we want you to feel equipped for anything and confident you know how to maximise your service. Here are some of the ways you can do just that:

1. Get to know your Moneypenny portal

Having the support of your dedicated PA is only the beginning. As our client, you also have access to a treasure chest of information and eye-opening insights in the form of your Moneypenny portal, which you can access easily from any device, anywhere.

From tracking down your call history, who’s calling you and from where, to mapping your busiest days and times; your portal offers invaluable data, helping you identify important trends in your operations.

As well as being packed with handy insights, your portal is also a great place to share updates with your PA in real-time. You can manage your status to let them know how you’d like your calls handled, whether you’re at your desk ready for us to transfer or held up in a meeting and wish to receive messages instead – we’ll take care of it.

2. Stay in touch on the go

Whether you’re back and forth to the office or working from home, we encourage you to stay connected with your PA throughout the day. This is exactly what the Moneypenny app is for.

Easy to set-up and completely free to download, the Moneypenny app has lots of useful features. You can activate outbound calling to make calls from your business number on your mobile to ensure wherever you’re working you keep a professional image. The app’s voicemail transcription tool removes the hassle of listening back to voicemails and automatically translates them into messages for you to read in your own time. And our in-app calling feature helps you cut costs by allowing you to receive calls through the app from your Moneypenny PA for free – the ultimate on-the-go business hack.

3. Tell us who your VIPs are

We make everybody feel special but sometimes there are certain people who you want to be handled a little differently (despite what your diary says!). If someone needs some extra hand-holding, simply let your PA know and they’ll make sure to take care of it.

4. Maximise your call allowance

Likewise, there are some people who don’t necessarily need that red carpet treatment (sorry Mum!) – simply use your app to add these callers to your Bypass List and set calls to either ring out or go through to your voicemail to save your allowance for those more valuable business calls.

5. Link your Moneypenny service with Microsoft Teams

Bring us closer to your working day with the help of Microsoft Teams. The newest addition to our suite of virtual office solutions allows you to give us round-the-clock visibility of your Teams’ status so we’ll know when you are and when you’re not available to have calls transferred to you. Simply set your status to ‘busy’ or ‘away’ and your PA will make sure you’re not distracted by any incoming calls.

Learn more

If you’d like to talk about maximising your Moneypenny service or to find out more about any of the tools mentioned above, give us a call on 0333 202 1005 now.

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