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How can Moneypenny help your business generate more leads?

Start driving more leads to your business

Lead generation is a vital process for any organisation looking to bring in new business.

Whilst there are countless ways to achieve a successful lead generation strategy, many overlook the basics when it comes to attracting new customers.

Communication is key to winning new customers. Investment in communication between your business and your current and prospective customers is crucial. As a business that has based its entire service offering on enhancing the way in which businesses communicate, we have seen the astounding impact that great communication can have on the number of leads received.

So how exactly do each of the services offered by Moneypenny generate more leads for our clients? We take a look below:

Generating business leads with effective communication

Business telephone numbers

A business telephone number is a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of communicating with your customers. Many businesses look past their phone numbers as simply what your customers use to call you, but in fact, it serves a number of purposes.

People are 3x more likely to call a business number than a mobile phone number

Smaller businesses and those just starting out often opt to utilise their mobile phones rather than investing in expensive phone systems. Whilst this is a cost-effective option, many mistakenly share their mobile number with customers and prospective customers. This takes away from the professional appearance of a business, leading to fewer calls. In fact, research shows that people are 3 times more likely to call a business number than a mobile phone.

When utilising a business number, this provides one central set of contact details for your business that you can use in your marketing. Your number can subsequently be diverted to the appropriate person with an auto-attendant.

Furthermore, your phone number can be used as an effective targeting tool when looking for a particular type of customer. For example, if you target a national audience, then a national (0333) number will be ideal. This gives your prospective customers the perception that you are perhaps a much larger business than you actually are. Alternatively, if you want to target a specific region, then you can choose the phone number relevant to that area.

Telephone answering services

The demands of running a business can be endless. Despite the fact that answering phone calls is an integral part of this, many struggle to keep up with the volume or timing of phone calls that the business receives, leading to missed calls. This can have a detrimental impact on lead generation, as you could be missing countless calls from prospective clients.

To ensure these calls are captured at all times, many businesses utilise Moneypenny’s telephone answering service. This allows customer service levels to improve, which in turn increases customer retention. Additionally, by having someone in place to answer these vital phone calls, you capture more leads and create a fantastic first impression.

For the majority of businesses, an outsourced phone answering service ultimately ensures a more cost-effective solution than hiring an in-house receptionist. This is, in large, part-due to the fact that they will not have to cover overhead costs or find holiday and sickness cover.

On-site live chat

A relative newcomer to communication strategies for businesses across the globe, Live Chat can be an effective tool to capture prospective customers.

46% of customers prefer to use online chat

Research has shown that 46% of customers prefer to use online chat, therefore not utilising it could be a costly mistake.

As a business, we have seen the popularity of live chat grow substantially amongst customers, but we also noticed that some businesses were fairly lax when it came to manning this facility. To ensure that businesses were able to capture leads from their live chat function, we introduced our outsourced service.

37% of people use live chat outside of office hours

For our customers, this means that a real and knowledgeable professional is answering queries on your site’s live chat, both in and outside of office hours. Managing this functionality during unsociable hours has proven to be a hugely effective form of lead generation, with 37% of people utilising live chat out of hours.

How has Moneypenny supported your business in generating more leads? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter!

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